Rachi Village Hotel

ALISTOS HOTEL is built at a distance of 3.5km from the picturesque Gytheio of Laconia Prefecture, in the south-eastern end of the Peloponnese.

A modern, four-star hotel of traditional style is born in harmony with the mysterious atmosphere of Rachi settlement, which hosts it. It is built with authentic architectural and construction elements, in a property of 6,000 square metres and at an undistorted and amphitheatric location, which highlights the historicity of the place among the olive groves that cover the slopes of the surrounding hills and up there that the eye of the visitor sinks into the blue of the Laconian Gulf.

Historical data indicate that Rachi settlement was built in 1790 by the historical family of Mani Vozis-Petropoulakis. A glorious and heroic family that since 1693 was established in Gytheio and in the fertile soil of Limni. However, they are forced to climb to Rachi hill, which overlooks Limni, and to fortify there with unconquerable towers in order to protect themselves from the frequent looting and grabs of their neighbours, Tourkompardouniotes. The old Rachi was destroyed in 1943 by the conquerors.

Today, the modern history of Rachi is reborn. The younger members of the family and ALISTOS HOTEL under construction promise to pamper their visitors with the authenticity of the homely hospitality of Mani. With the warm atmosphere offered by the luxurious and comfortable rooms with fireplace, the comfortable double beds with linen bedding and plush pillows, and the special bathrooms. With the rich breakfast and Mani pies, and as the sun rises with refreshing cocktails and fresh juices next to the pool.

With afternoon coffee and relaxing moments in the pergola of the estate with its comfortable armchairs. With eclectic tastes and authentic traditional dishes, made with homemade olive oil to be offered in the attractive restaurant of the hotel. With the unforgettable organization of romantic weddings and dreamy christenings in the nearby family chapel and the joy table in the exterior or interior of the hotel, depending on the season.

ALISTOS HOTEL, with the modern comforts that will offer to the visitor, will bring him/her near to images and sounds, colours and aromas of the Spartan land. It will initiate him through activities in the natural beauty of the landscape, in the biodiversity of the place, the traditions and the occupations of the inhabitants.

ALISTOS HOTEL, Dimitris and Vana, we look forward to opening our door, to welcoming you and to hosting you as friends.